Application for the Operating Engineers Credit Union #3
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Application for the Operating Engineers Credit Union #3

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1 Step 1

Important Information About Procedures When Opening A New Account

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities; federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. What this means for you: When you open an account, we will ask for you8r name, address, date of birth, and other information that allows us to identify you. We will also ask to see your driver’s license or other identifying documents.

If not already a member of OE Federal Credit Union, I hereby apply for membership based on the following qualification:


Joint Member (1)
Joint Member (2)

Accounts to Open

Please specify which account type(s) you wish to open and designate the amounts to be deposited.


Upon death of the individual owner, of if held in joint tenancy, upon the death of the last survivor, funds in the accounts covered by this application will be payable to the individuals named below at the percentage designated. If no percentages are shown, distribution will default to equal division.

Beneficiary 1

Beneficiary 2

Beneficiary 3

Beneficiary 4

Overdraft Protection*

If you are opening a checking account, please indicate your overdraft protection choice below. This overdraft designation will be used for each checking account established under this application.

By signing below, I/We authorize OE Federal Credit Union to transfer funds from my account(s). In the event the checking account becomes overdrawn, I/We authorized OE Federal Credit Union to automatically transfer available funds in increments of $50, up to the available balance. I/We understand if there are not enough funds available in My/Our account to pay the entire amount of an item presented for payment on My/Our checking account. I/We understand there will be a fee assessed for this service. I/We understand that transfers from My/Our Visa account are considered cash advances and will begin to accrue interest from the date the transactions posts. *Please see separate Fee Schedule for Overdraft Protection fee.

Courtesy Pay**

If you are requesting an ATM/Debit Card on your checking account, please indicate your Courtesy Pay choice below

**A fee will be assessed for every paid item. Please see separate Fee Schedule for Courtesy Pay fee.

International Transactions

Will you be conducting international transactions on this account?

Terms and Conditions

By signing below, I/We signify that all information contained in this application is true and correct. By completing this agreement, I/We are requesting a new/update membership to OE Federal Credit Union (OE Federal). I/We authorize OE Federal to open any and all accounts marked above and have enclosed the minimum deposit as required for each account. I/We understand that this membership shall be our master account. I/We afree and understand than any of the undersigned may open any type of sub-account under this master account by mailing an application, telephoning, or appearing in person before an OE Federal employee. I/We further understand and agree that all sub-accounts opened by any of the undersigned shall be established with the same ownership and beneficiaries as stated on this application. Further, should I/We choose to establish different ownership and/or beneficiaries. I/We understand that I/We must establish a new master account and sign new master account agreements and documents. I/We agree to abide by all applicable laws and bylaws in all dealings with OE Federal.Authorization to Obtain Credit Report: OE Federal is authorized to check My/Our credit history and use other consumer-reporting entities to verify the information on this application. I/We acknowledge receipt of and agree that all My/Our accounts will be subject to the Account Disclosure and Fee Schedule as amended from time to time.

By signing below, I/We certify under penalty of perjury that My/Our TIN/SSN is correct, that I/We are not subject to backup withholding, and that I/We are a U.S. Citizen or resident alien. The internal Revenue Service does not require you consent to any provision of this document other than the certifications required to avoid back up withholding.

Joint Owner(s) OFAC/eFundsJoint Owner (1)
Joint Owner(s) OFAC/eFundsJoint Owner (2)
Beneficiaries OFAC:

 You can also download this form and send it to:

Underground Utility/Landscape Local 355
13 Tennessee Street, Vallejo, CA 94590
Telephone: 707­644­0355 Fax: 707­644­0360